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I have a cat. Her name is “ARJUNA”. She has a lot of qualities that “entrepreneurs” who want long and fulfilling careers should make their own.

Arjuna spends 90% of her time just chilling out. She’s almost always calm and in control. While the rest of us are running around getting dinner ready before softball practice, Arjuna is lying on the couch watching us with seeming bemusement.

Entrepreneurs should also spend most of their day in a state of calm. Calm leads to more focused work. Calm people make better decisions during stressful moments. When you’re calm most of the time, your moments of enthusiasm will have more impact. And, most importantly of all, by remaining calm, you conserve your energy so you don’t burn out.

While Arjuna is almost always calm, she has moments of energy and playfulness. She chases after a balled up Hershey’s Kisses wrapper, batting it across the hardwood floor. She swipes at me as I walk by, inviting me to play with her. She boxes with me, patting her paw against my palm over and over.

To keep things interesting, enterpreneurs should present fun and energetic interactions on occasion. They should provide highly engaging activities for their colleageous where possible. While most of the day will be calm and focused work, bursts of energy and fun make working memorable job a fun moment to be.

Sometimes I get home late, so I am late feeding Arjuna. I usually forget. But Arjuna won’t allow me to forget for long. Every time I get up, she runs to her food bowl. She rubs against my leg to get my attention. She meows. Arjuna wants three things in life: the attention of me, to be left alone by the rest of the family, and food. She makes these desires known in no uncertain terms. She asks for what she wants.

Sometimes, Arjuna horks up a furball right in the center of the living room. One time, she did it into the opening of one of my hats. Another time, she deposited one just outside my bedroom door so that I stepped in it. As far as I can tell, she’s never felt bad about it. Not once. I’ve watched her do it. She spits one up and walks away, as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. Which of course, it is.

Entrepreneurs need to be like my cat and stop feeling guilty for doing what our bodies and brains are telling us to do.

Arjuna could not care less about what we think of her. She’s totally dismissive. Rude about it, even. Sometimes I’ll walk into the closet and she’ll come shooting out of her weird hiding place. I’ll damn near fall down trying to avoid stepping on her. I shout at her. “Arjuna, get out of the way!” She doesn’t give a shit. She just yawns and relocates to the couch or meows at me to feed her again. If we leave the piano keys uncovered at night, Arjuna will prance across them, playing a lively, if discordant, tune that wakes up the whole house. We’ve learned there’s no point in scolding her. She just doesn’t care.

Many entrepreneurs care entirely too much about what others say or think about them. Be your own critic. Ignore the rest. Stop allowing others to make you feel bad about yourself. Be like my cat: do your thing, and screw what people think about it. You won’t please them all anyway. (I do recommend that you be less obvious about it than my cat).

Like all cats, Arjuna loves to sleep. I’m pretty sure it’s her favorite thing to do. Entrepreneurs, like many “busy-men”, don’t get enough sleep. It’s recommended that you get 7 to 9 hours a night. You can’t be your best if you’re not well-rested. Entrepreneuers, even those who stay calm most of the day, must be on. They must be mentally engaged and observant. You can’t work well if you’re tired all the time!



By Mom Yenny



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